Customer Relationship Management Apps for Businesses

Gone are the days when businesses would work with only a few customers, some suppliers and have a handful of orders, which even big companies managed with the help of locally made software. With advancements in the market and business opportunities, businesses in Singapore realized the need to have a proper Customer Relationship Management system in place. Allowing relationships to be built, enabling them to work with multiple clients, suppliers and orders at the same time. Thereby having more time to focus towards maximizing profits.

Since the concept is relatively new, not all companies in Singapore are aware of which  to choose as there are many varieties of Customer Relationship Management apps. However, the key is to focus on the business model and target audience. In this article, I will give some insights on the available customer relationship management tools to help you or your company choose the one that suits your business best.

  1. Highrise: If you want to have one book containing all details of your contacts as well as your conversation records with them, then Highrise is the answer to this requirement. With Highrise, one is able to keep all updates about added contacts, and through one email system all contacts can be reached at once.
  2. Insightly: the design and integration of this app is similar to Google maps, however it allows better contact centric approach. With Insightly, one can locate friends/contacts better on social media networks and other professional accounts. It also helps in generation of advanced reports, task management etc.
  3. Google App: Google App is one which is already a part of your system. For many, Google is an address book which is the record of all contacts stored in one’s profile. But in fact, Google is more than just an address book. Whenever a contact is added, it automatically becomes a part of main page. Even with a Tap option, recent conversation and updates with the contacts can also be viewed.
  4. Clevertim: The app helps you to just scroll down each contact without having to go through profile of each. It gives a summary of all the contact stored and in one click. For keeping record and updates on next meeting and any schedule event, then Clevertim also has a solution and an option to make it possible.
  5. Vtiget: If you are planning to open an event management business in Singapore which is focussed towards keeping contact with clients or having strong networking, then you may need to have Vtiger app for managing customers. It helps in making better contacts and interaction with regular customers by in staying touch with them. It is like a client centred customer relationship management app.
  6. One-page Customer Relationship Management solution: If you are new to technology, but still want to make your CRM process easier, then go for the one page CRM solution. You can give time to newly established business in Singapore while managing clients, suppliers and vendors. It is literally one page, which has all the key details. Thus, you need not to scroll here and there and look for other pages, all the relevant and required information is present in the first page.
  7. Solve: As the name indicates, this app is best to resolve issues pertaining to consumer queries, activities, customization and even in templates. It is also integrated with Google, then you can view all your contacts under your email accounts as well. Even one is able to generate personalized document by merging all the emails.

There are several other customer relationship management tools available in the market especially for Singapore market. However, it all depends upon the business objectives and requirements of the company as which software and system is most useful and suitable for the business.

Uses of ERP Applications in Singapore

Enterprise Resource Planning System

Companies today are faced with influx of huge data and information, which is difficult to manage and handle. It includes daily transactions, functionalities, certain processes and even other issues to either archive or follow up. It is with the help of an Enterprise Resource Planning system, one is able to find on a single application, for integrating all separate models. Businesses use a Singapore ERP app because they are flexible, user friendly and a solution for businesses. 

ERP a Solution for Big Companies in Singapore

It is true that today ERP solutions are critical for large companies in Singapore. In case of high volume of data, it is not possible for employers to enter all the source data on single and separate software. Companies in Singapore are now able to simplify their processes by reducing any inefficiency in their working. All processes and working speeds up because access to critical systems and data is now possible which reduces overall wasting time.

Solution to online Selling in Singapore

For online companies and online selling, ERP has become even more important. With software, one is able to get information from the main source and then market its feasibility online. System integration and smooth functioning of multiple processes is possible with the help of ERP applications. Businesses in Singapore are running success stories since the advancement of ERP systems.

Managing Risks and Compliance Regulation

With the use of ERP apps, companies in Singapore are also able to get compliance forms. It includes assessment of risks, financial reporting as well as risk management. Stakeholders are also able to stay updated on assessing any sort of regulatory violation or standard deviation from company’s set rules and regulations. In this case, management is also able to take timely, corrective action to mend their working. For instance, on completion of form, company is able to assess the risk factor and probability of acceptance or rejection by any client. In case, any consumer has been a defaulter and hasn’t paid since long, then stakeholders can also keep track of such defaulters. System will not only notify company in case of any future business and transaction, it will also timely notify about accepting proposal from such consumers.

Doing Business with new ERP Solutions

Companies in Singapore make use of ERP solutions to evolve alongside the cutting-edge technology of the market. Normally for billing management and sales purposes, this technology is widely used. With this app, companies are now able to keep track of the services and products inventory, planning and keeping records of all past transactions. For ease, single billing mechanisms also save time for big giants while making processes simple and transparent. Apart from these, better control on creation of invoice, sales orders and payments is possible. With ERP apps, Singapore companies are able to make connections between sales orders and invoices so in-time refunds and credits can be returned to consumers.

Choosing the Best ERP Solutions in Singapore

It is pertinent to mention that at present, there are several enterprise resource planning solutions available for companies operating in Singapore, but it all depends upon the user requirements as which system is best to use. It is also better to talk to those clients or consumers who are already using some specific ERP systems from the vendors. Also, after implementation, processes and levels could be examined to ensure such systems are workable for the company. Apart from these, the experiences of clients also working with the system can also help companies in deciding which vendor to purchase from.

For effective working of any ERP solution, user friendly ERP systems are mostly acceptable. The success and failure of any ERP system can be determined during its use as not all vendors provide after sale services to their clients.

Tangible Benefits of Using Automated Sales Order Management Systems

Tangible Benefits of Using Automated Sales Order Management Systems

Before investing in technology, many business owners worry about the impact that piece of investment will have on the business. There is the worry that the investment will be of no use to the company, or the results will not be worth the investment. An automated sales order system is an investment every business, especially those with transactions online, need. Competition is stiff, especially in the B2B industry. To stay ahead of the competition, suppliers need to be available at any given time a client needs to make an order.

A self ordering app might be what your company needs. When you can directly send your monthly order to your supplier, the data is in black and white and would not have cases of miscommunication. They would also be more responsive to your order request. If you are looking for a Self Ordering App in Singapore, you should check out Orangekloud today.

In this article, Daniel Reeves discusses the advantages of automated sales order systems.

 The relationship between automated sales order system and staff performance

“It’s a common misconception. The purpose of automation is not to reduce headcount, but rather to provide staff with tools and smart technology — like Artificial Intelligence (AI) — to supplement their work. While automation does free up staff time to work on more value-added activities, possibly opening the door to re-allocating them within the company, there are numerous…” read more here

The automated sales order software is designed to enhance productivity in a company, and not to displace employees. Much time is usually wasted in going through orders, especially for big enterprises. This software makes the process easier for the personnel. They get to work faster and concentrate on other duties that are often neglected, especially when there are plenty of orders. Although this system enhances performance, it also helps the staff to do what they specialized in. For example, some companies employ IT specialists who end up doing simple data entry that destroys their enjoyment of what they were trained to do. This often results in high staff turnover.

In this article, Melanie emphasizes the value of wholesalers using sales order management systems.

How technology has changed the management of online businesses

“Order management can be a distracting and time intensive process, especially for small businesses with limited time to spare. That said, efficient order management and fulfilment is crucial to ensure that customer expectations are met. This is particularly the case with wholesale customers, where one poorly managed shipment has the potential to affect a large volume of future orders. read more here

Most consumers use mobile devices to access online stores. This has increased the need for the creation of mobile-friendly websites with an easy to use automated sales order management system. Consumers need to be able to make orders with any of the electronic devices that use the internet. Cloud-based technology has also made it possible for business owners and their staff to access the system from anywhere. This has minimized delays and increased efficiency since entrepreneurs can monitor their business from anywhere in the world.

In this article, Bert Markgraf discusses the different components of a sales order management system.

Necessary steps to follow when transacting with a sales order management system

“Effectively configured IT order-processing solutions benefit both customers and suppliers. The technology allows faster and more accurate order processing and makes tracking information about the orders’ progress available as required. Employees record the various stages of order fulfillment in databases and can access client records for information about payments or problems.” read more here

To avoid making a mess of orders made by clients, members of staff need to follow the set guidelines to ensure no order is forgotten or mishandled. Once the order is captured, the team responsible for the orders needs to file the order and forward it to the suppliers or service department. If the automated sales order system used is programmed to get to the source, the requisition and supply date need to be noted. The shipment details also need to be inputted so that the client can track the shipment. After sales service, such as returns should the goods be rejected, is essential in the sales order system.

Sales order management systems have tangible benefits that are easily appreciated by consumers. The convenience that comes with placing orders at any given time and keeping track of the process from anywhere in the world is one of the significant benefits of this system. The business owner and staff can also monitor the clients’ behavior when making the order, when the shipment has been dispatched and successful delivery of the items. A transaction is considered successful after the client has approved the order.

Benefits of a Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk in a Cinema

If you own and can run a cinema hall well, it can indeed be a profitable proposition although sophisticated technologies gave ensure the availability of various options to watch a movie today at home. There are innumerable people even today who want up relish the experience of watching movies in theatres. However, there could be many challenges in its day-to-day operations like any other business. When you install a self-service ticketing kiosk, you can not only cope up with such challenges but can also provide a host of important benefits. Check out some of those benefits of a good kiosk management system in a movie fall.

1. Simpler to coordinate at a concession stand

It can be a difficult task to coordinate preparation of food at a theatre’s concession stand although there could be many staffs behind the counters at a given point of time. A self-service ticketing kiosk can make the process of concession service simpler as customers can place as well as receive orders faster as compared to waiting in a concession stand’s queue. A movie-goer just has to key-in his or her order on the touch screen of the kiosk and then move on to a concession stand for receiving the order placed. When you use a kiosk, it also makes coordination at a concession stand much simpler by removing errors, which may pop up if any employee misunderstands the instructions of customers.

2. Ticket queues become shorter

When you install a self-service ticketing queue the lobby of your cinema, the long queues can be busted. Movie-goers need not purchase their tickets at the ticket windows and can instead buy their tickets at the installed kiosk. They could follow the instructions given on the touch screen to complete their process of ordering and paying for the movie tickets and get their tickets printed instantly.

3. Customer satisfaction can go up

When there are shorter queues for purchasing or picking up movie tickets by using a self-service kiosk, your customer may have an enhanced experience. As a result, revenues may get a boost. A self-service kiosk can be leveraged to ensure that your customers can order and get the concession items faster and more efficiently.

4. An automated collection system helps collect data to further reduce customer waiting time and improve service experience.

Though it is right that the self-service kiosks cannot solve all the problems that are encountered by movie owners while operating their halls, they definitely demonstrate a distinct set of merits. Thus, faster an owner of a movie gall realizes the benefits associated with installing and operating a ticketing kiosk, sooner they can start earning more revenues and business profits.

Advantages of Having Real-Time Transaction Facility in Your Security System

What is Real-time transaction?

Real-time transaction works on an operating system which provides results immediately without causing any delay to accumulate data. It helps to classify applications, transaction and data into various security levels depending on the sensitivity of the information. For your security system, this could be an option to select for transaction of data. Banks, airlines, trains, buses and other modes of transport, movie theatres, etc benefit the most from this system.

One example is an Iris Recognition System. For a start, ATT Systems Iris Recognition System provides one of the most comprehensive security options which you can count upon. Visit their site here today.

What are its advantages?

– Real-time transactions can check and prevent illegal transfer of data if proper checking systems are in place

-While this system may not be required for all processes in the company, it is highly recommended for sensitive data and where real-time booking is required

-There is no down time in this system. There’s maximum consumption of the system to provide the best resources to the users

-The time between changing from one task to the next is usually within less than a second, so stealing information during actual usage of this transaction method is minimal

-These are best for any system that is required to function 24/7 because it has the ability to provide maximum output

-These systems manage best memory allocation

-There is no error in the information provided to the user as the system gets updated in real-time as well

-Real-time operating systems focus on active applications only so they don’t get affected by the dormant applications which could affect the performance speed

-Efficient systems would have modular growth options which ensure that during an upgrade the whole system doesn’t need to be replaced. Hardware and software components can be replaced or added without the system shutting down completely

Real-time transactions are used in intelligent systems, digital appliances, wind power systems, etc. The most common examples would be online booking of transport tickets or movie tickets which rely completely on this system. When it is used especially where financial transactions are being made, chances of a security breach are less since the information passed on is temporary.

Real-time transactions are offered by some of the best security system Singapore providers. A iris recognition system helps further tighten security by ensuring only authorised personel have access. However, it is important to note that security issues can be averted only when the provider has the best security system in place. These processes need constant monitoring and ensuring no viruses can affect them and provide smooth function. The faster the service, the more secure it would be.

How do self payment kiosks speed up buying for consumers?

Self payment service kiosks are bringing about a revolution in the retail industry and are the most interesting feature that has been added by the retailers in the recent past. Consumers love it and swear by and when it comes to a better shopping experience and many researchers have also found out that consumer behaviour patterns have changed to a great extent in stores and places where these self payment kiosks have been installed. Let us go through how it helps in speeding up buying among consumers.
It makes billing and payment much more accurate.

Since it does not involve a lot of human effort, it makes billing very accurate and there are almost no errors at the time of payment. If we see the current situation we have one person at the billing counter, who is mostly overworked due to the multitude of people waiting in the queue. There is a very good chance that this overworked and stressed person make errors and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of a consumer who has other wise had a very good shopping experience till now. A self service payment kiosk makes billing quite accurate and speeds up buying for a consumer.

It makes things look organised and streamlines it for the consumer

Since this technology aims to automate things to a great extent, it makes billing and making payments pretty streamlined automated. As soon as things are organised and put under categories, making payments and billing becomes pretty easy and may seem like a cakewalk for the consumer, who was otherwise waiting impatiently in long queues waiting for it to end. Hence technology and a little bit of human effort speeds up the shopping process and enhances the overall experience.

It makes customers mindful of their work and they make fewer mistakes

When customers know that they need to service themselves end to end they will be very mindful of their billing and payment methods and will make less mistakes while making payments. When there are fewer errors there is less time consumed and people tend to be much more efficient if they are aware of the consequences and know that they will be delayed or stuck if they are not mindful of their actions while paying up. Making fewer mistakes is helpful as it helps speed up things for you and the person next in line.

Time is saved when people go through the payment options themselves.

When you know how to do something yourself, it saves a lot of time. It is much better and faster than someone trying to explain to you something for a long time and you trying to do it after a while. When you do something yourself you spend a lot less time doing it and when you have done something multiple number of times, you can do that work many times faster than the first time you tried to do it.

Self payment kiosks are much simpler to operate to encourage consumers to use it more often.

Self payment kiosks keep it very simple when it comes to operation and usage. This is because they want to encourage people to use it more often and help them spread the word to other people too. There is a reason and purpose for keeping it simple and this is very motivating for consumers who fear taking on gadgets or some new technology and are averse to using it. When it simple to operate, it takes less time and makes payments faster and much more convenient.

How do you begin the process of finding a competent queue management company

You may decide to get the services of a company for your business especially for your queue management needs. But how to go about the task is a big question because the process of choosing a competent company should be smooth and hassle-free. Not only that, you must make a perfect choice as well. Before you go about the task, you should know the advantages of hiring such a company. Let us find out.

1. Remember that you should afford utmost importance to the security aspect for running your business smoothly and successfully. As in every other field, there may be stiff competition in the field in which you operate also. Hence, you should ensure that your data, the important documents of your business and the papers that describe your plans do not fall into wrong hands. If your competitors come to know of your strategies, they may try to acquire the right type of ammunition for their arsenal for out-smarting you. By getting a good security and queue management system installed for your business, you can keep the wrong people who are waiting to steal your secrets at bay.

You may have come across instances wherein certain businesses piggy-back on the reputation of successful operators in their field for boosting the rankings of their websites on the search engines. If you ignore the aspect of security and do not get a suitable system installed, chances of unworthy entities relegating your website to lower rankings may go up. This may ultimately result in loss of potential customers as well as sales. You should not give room to such occurrences lest should you lament later that you have not accorded due importance to the aspect of security.

2. Your aim is to succeed in your business but for accomplishing this aim, you should serve your customers in the right manner and on time. This means that your customer service efforts should be immaculate. Remember that customers hate squandering of their time. They are not ready to wait indefinitely for having your services. If you delay offering your services or making deliveries of the orders placed by your customers, they will not hesitate to switch loyalties. That is the reason you are advised to put in place a good queue management system so your customers get the services they need on time. Since these customers will have a fair idea as to when they will get their services, they can make their plans suitably.

Now, how must you begin the process of finding a competent company that provides an efficient queue solution to your probems? The following points may help.

As experts point out, if a business has to succeed, there should be a person with a number of micro skills at the helm. These micro skills include finding competent service providers as well. On the face of it, it may look that the process of choosing a provider of security and queue management services is the same as the process of finding providers of other services. But in reality, looking for a provider of security services is different in the sense that these services are vital for safeguarding your operations and also for ensuring that your journey towards achieving your business goal is smooth. This means that your research should be through a different lens.

In most of your researches, you will proceed with an economical angle in your mind. But the emphasis should be more on the logical angle when you look for a provider of queue management and security services. The idea should be to have 100% protection for your business.

This means your focus should only be on the quality of the services you expect to have from the provider. The only way is to check the track records of the providers you are considering. You must choose only that provider the track record of whom is absolutely flawless and COMPLETELY satisfactory.

Top Components for Good Integrity Security Systems

Even a few years ago, a majority of security systems functioned in isolation and communication took place only through their dedicated signaling protocol and cabling. But today, there has been a fast-accelerated and drastic shift towards the integrated security systems. This has not only led to a simplification of installation but has also succeeded in providing big benefits to the customers like an increased level of security, and as a whole deeper insights into different types of threats. However, have you ever wondered why integrated security systems are so successful and popular? It is due to the various components that an integrated security system features. Get familiar with some key components of integrated security systems that make them click.

Centralized control software

Integrated security systems must have centralized control software for tying all their components together. The idea is to allow your customers view as well as manage the various aspects of the security system during only a single interface. When the customers opt for both access control and video surveillance, such a centralized software offers a higher degree of visibility and control. Some examples would be the ability to see entry and exit logs, view recorded and live video through only one interface. Additionally, they can leverage on certain advanced attributes like Video Analytics to attain an even more stringent security so that response to the incidents could be even more effective.

access control system benefits and features

This component is also crucial in a majority of facilities. Each subsystem in an integrated system, and helps the other subsystem to function in a more effective manner to increase the level of security as a whole. For example, both video surveillance and access control may be used together for recording video of the entire suspicious or of failed access attempts.

Based upon a particular project’s nature, you can request for controller technology and wired or wireless door readers. Access control for several customers can also mean devices like visitor management platforms and intruder alarms.

Video surveillance

Any integrated system should give a high priority of surveillance. A core feature of any integrated solution is the IP cameras for most customers today in conjunction with devices like intruder alarms and access control that complement to the capability of video surveillance

If you think that your business could benefit from an integrated security system, get in touch with ATT at the earliest possible.

Managing Risk at Level Crossings with ANPRs

The United Kingdom has more than six thousand level crossings so minimizing risks associated with them remains a major challenge for the authorities. While the latest railway designs hardly include level crossings, the existing ones impose a high level of risk both to the public as well as the passengers.

RLSe Project

Very few people will dispute the fact that many motorists still ride across the different level crossings even after there is an activation of the stop lights. Such motorists are actually being reckless and unconcerned about the safety of the trains’ passengers as well as their passengers and themselves. There could be severe injuries and even death at times due to such careless behaviors. Additionally, passengers go through a great deal of inconvenience after the accident and there are costs involved to get the disrupted rail line back to action once again.

In U.K., a special project called the Red Light Safety Equipment or RLSe aims to handle this worrying issue at some of the level crossings in the United Kingdom with the highest risk factor across the nation, 28 special safety cameras have been deployed at select level crossings to assist in deterring motorists from being callous while riding across these level crossings like weaving around the obstructions or ignoring red lights in order to save time.

How these safety cameras can make a difference?

These distinct cameras come in visible enclosures and will later be used on a larger scale, when they bring success in making these level crossings safer than before. The cameras are capable of automatically capturing videos of motorists, digital images and evidence data ignoring the stop lines even after the activation of red lights. They use a combination of various sophisticated technologies like Automatic Number Plate Recognition, scanning radar and advanced computer video analytics for detecting the offenses. This process, which is completely automated and unattended can continue for round the clock without the requirement of a cop or any other intervention by humans at these crossings.

These safety cameras provide the necessary evidence that could come handy while prosecuting these drivers directly who failed to adhere to these selected stop signals at the level crossings.

While ignoring red lights is a breach of the act, the offender can be only prosecuted when a cop is at the said site or can witness the incident. These special cameras can come out as a real game changer since they can be installed with an awareness that the proof produced through them can be daily used while prosecuting these motorists who violated traffic rules.

An automated collection system helps collect data on the level crossings to improve efficiency.

Konverge Retail POS in Singapore The Things to Consider

Now, the first thing that you need to understand when it comes to the Konverge POS is that this offers a very convenient set of functions. Its basically a comprehensive platform which allows retailer to deliver on the promise that they have set out to provide in the first place. It comes with enhanced inventory visibility, actionable customer intelligence alongside, particularly seamless transactions.

This is an implementation which is going to bring different retailers from all sorts of businesses with the necessary inventory details or the comprehensive customer information and the history of their purchases. It is particularly easy to use, and it is going to ensure that the staff on boarding process is particularly seamless and quick. This is absolutely critical as the last thing youd want is to go ahead and have to dedicate a couple of months to get your team on-boarded on a new solution.

Stock Management like Never Before

Now, the truth is that the most traditional methods of requesting replenishment of your stock through the phone, fax or email are known to make wide leeway for a range of missed orders and manual errors. These are mistakes which might seem minor when they are one or two but are going to turn particularly costly in the long run. This is where a comprehensive point of sale system such as the one conveniently developed by Konverge comes into the picture. Its going to allow seamless tracking capabilities and stock management that youve never seen before.

Extended Capabilities

You would be capable of re-ordering quantities, and thats based on quantities which are sold on PAR level or on a weekly basis. To put it in simpler and more understandable terms the system is going to allow your employee to put in different products and the selected amount of re-orders for each product. Its as simple of that this is why this POS software in Singapore is becoming particularly trendy.

In any case, the implementation and the actual integration of smart solutions is undoubtedly something that you need to take into proper account. This is one of the things that you need to go ahead and handle on priority basis if you want to ensure that your business is actually thriving. The alternative is to be left with a solution which is far from working as it should be. This is something that you just cant afford when it comes to the current dynamic market environment. What is more, Singapore is one of the fastest developing and amongst the most challenging cities to run a business in, and if you fail to implement the most contemporary software solutions, you are definitely going to suffer in result. With this in mind, the Konverge POS in Singapore is one of the best bets that you can take up on. Its a comprehensive solution which is going to streamline your business and make it particularly successful.

You would be able to track the right quantity to order from number of orders via a self service kiosk.


Become an Excel Wizard With These 5 Tips

All upgrades past the Excel 2010 versions are packed with interesting surprises. Excel is indispensable when it comes to handling and organizing large data. Regardless of a user’s familiarity with Excel, there remains tricks and hacks that are still unknown to many. Microsoft Excel training offers basic guidelines in order to perform basic excel functions. Here are 5 tips that will transform a user from a spreadsheet organizer to an Excel Jedi.

#1 Select the entire sheet with just a click: Ever wondered what this button —   does? Click on it to select the entire sheet.

#2 The function of Data validation: A handy tool while creating a survey form is the data validation function. This enforces a restriction on the value entered. Consider a form that needs to be filled out only by those who are in the age bracket of 25-35. To achieve this, Data → Data validation → setting → add restriction→ move to input message to label the restriction→ OK. When the cursor is on the defined cell, the input message is displayed to notify the user of the condition. If the entered value doesn’t conform to the restriction, an error message appears.

#3 Customize the shortcut menu: Stock Excel comes with three shortcuts – Undo Typing, Save and Repeat typing. When more shortcuts are needed like copy, paste, etc., addition of new shortcuts is done by clicking on this drop down button  . Check the shortcut you wish to add. Click on More commands to explore more options.

#4 Instantly add new columns or row: Instead of taking the long route and repeating the procedure n times to add n rows, select the number of rows or columns that need to be added. Right click→ Insert→ entire row /column (depending on the user’s need). New rows or columns similar in number, as per selection are added.

#5 Transpose Row to Column and vice versa: You do not have to retype the data to shift from row to column. There is a special function Transpose as an option in Paste. This option works off the data copied prior to choosing the transpose option.

Other useful excel hacks include toggling between multiple sheets by pressing Cntrl + Tab, shifting rows or columns from one location to another by selecting the row and hovering the curser around the edges till this icon appears  , then moving unrestricted in the spreadsheet and repeat the same while holding Cntrl to copy the selected values.

The Image Editing Craze Has Caught On

Overexposure of photographs can take the beauty out of the construct. By adjusting the exposure, you can pretty up a photo in an instant. In fact, with photo editing software, you can make the image more nuanced. Tweaking a snap actually brightens the fore. The right contrast brings clarity to an image. White clarity magnifies an image but when it comes to editing of faces, it is necessary to exercise caution. You would not want to make someone look bizarre.

Digital photography captures those special moments. The right resolution and enhancement gives you exquisite pictures with proper layering, brush strokes, shutter velocity and photo editing. In fact, a simple picture can be transformed into a masterpiece. If this gets you in the zone, sign up for the Photoshop course in Singapore at and learn everything that you wanted to know and more about image editing. The best part about learning something creative that you have set your eye on is that you can do wonderful things with an image.

We have seen celebrities on magazine covers who look stunning. A nip and a tuck here and there make for good imagery. People who are heavy appear toned, not necessarily because they have been hitting the gym, but because of their pictures being Photoshopped. The software gives you the power to produce havoc and surreal selfies. Share the love across social networking sites or with a select group and achieve that aha moment. The ability to sharpen images on Photoshop makes this a coveted graphic software to learn.

A montage of images from the past interfaced with the present can change the tone of an image in an instant. For instance, strike a pose and position this in a very proper setting. With the right brush strokes and layering, the portrait will be unlike any other. It does take time to hone the craft, that is a given, but creating something that is different from the rest sets the tone. Interpreting artistry with the use of editing software can be made into a series as you blend art in a variety of forms.

The Photoshop course in Singapore covers basic tools in addition to framing and correction, layering techniques in a photographer’s workflow, contrast and brightness, color contours and the use of curves and histograms. Over the years, post processing has evolved. The virtual methodology with editing software ensures clarity in images. To master the art, it requires constant practice until you get the image right.

The 5 easy steps to risk assessment

* What is risk assessment and why is it important?

safety briefing

Every employer is required to assess risk in their organizations and this has been mandated as a legal requirement in most of the countries today. A risk assessment is required to be done to ensure that all workplace hazards and risks to the employees and data have been identified and enough precautions have been implemented to safeguard them. SHEQ programs on WSH training are based on the same philosophy and help you in smooth identification of the risks in any work area.

* How to assess risk?

There are no defined and set rules for assessing risks in your organization however there do exist general guidelines and checkpoints which can help you identify the risks in you organization.

1. Identifying hazards – Risks is a working environment can be present in the form of mental, physical, chemical or biological. Employers in their capacity should be able to identify these and put relevant measures in place. Following are some examples of risks:

o Mental – (e.g.) extended working hours, increased workload, working with clients with stringent timelines.

o Physical – (e.g.) slipping, noise, dust, incorrect postures, sitting in front of computer for long hours.

o Chemical – (e.g.) Aerosols, asbestos and cleaning fluids.

o Biological – (e.g.) communicable diseases, hepatitis and tuberculosis

2. Identify who can get harmed – All employees (part-time or full-time), contractors, agency staff, clients and visitors are covered when identifying the impact of risk. Risk identification must also be done for their disabled staff, night workers, pregnant women and women who are breast feeding. Review of everything across all locations is done to ensure that everyone in the premises is safe. Following is an example:

o In a call center, employees can be exposed to risks such as working equipment and constant call on headphones.

3. Risk assessment and action to be implemented – Once the hazards have been identified, employers must find the risks that they individually pose. This will help determine if a plan needs to be put in place to reduce and address them. There are certain risks which continue to exist even after the precautions have been implemented. In such a case, employers must identify the risk levels of these hazards.

4. Recording risks – As defined under the law, employers are required to record (in writing) all findings of risk assessment. Record will typically include the hazard details which pose risk and the action that the employer has taken to eliminate or reduce its risk levels. These records are a proof that the employer has due diligence in the assessment and reviewed everything thoroughly.

5. Assessment review and regular updates – The final report of risk assessment must be reviewed to ensure that the working conditions meet the agreed safety benchmarks and in case of any changes, the revised practices are updated in the report.

Benefit With Tech – Software Security Courses business is challenged by online security threats and risk to its computer systems and networks. Companies are required to remain aware and updated of vulnerabilities and to effectively monitor its processes to prevent attacks and severe operational disruptions. To improve the function of new software and security solutions are introduced through cyber training. aim to empower organizations with the development of web skills and knowledge to maintain performance capabilities and minimize threats. Support systems must be established to handle online tasks and perform security updates as required. To protect the infiltration of sensitive files or improve automated workflow, measures are available to improve business capacity.

An online attack can cripple a company that is not prepared for such situations. Corporate is at risk for cyber threats with viruses, malware and hackers prepared to disable programs within minutes. Providing staff with the adequate levels of training in online security and the management of computer systems can aid in preventing disasters and ensure that confidential data is safeguarded.

Constant changes in technology means that companies have to remain prepared for potential risks. A lack of awareness can cause unexpected attacks and access to important assets that may devastate an organization. It makes sound business sense to investment in security training providing added benefits of quick responses, seamless upgrades and the ability to cover important processes in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The development of internal system can prove most beneficial for any organization providing early threat detection, access to updated resources and the creation of integrated software solutions. Training provided by experts in the industry can provide essential information about the latest web threats including the introduction of tools and techniques to take suitable counter measures. Platforms are provided to prepare updated information, networking and upgrades in technology.

Certification programs can cover vendor specific and neutral requirements. Strategies are taught based on global developments and the latest improvements in technology to minimize vulnerabilities. It is important to enroll with courses led by recognized experts and proves relevant for industries to prevent against significant disruptions and limitations in web systems and capabilities.

Businesses with a prepared team of expertly minded individuals in IT and software security can monitor processes and support operational measures. Maintaining updated security features is imperative for the success of a company as it minimizes vulnerability and flaws within online systems. The appropriate training can assist in determining effective solutions for organizational requirements.

Your PMP Certification Comes With Many Benefits

If you are a project manager, you may have a good job with benefits like vacation pay, retirement, and health insurance. However, you will enjoy a lot of advantages when you become certified. Here are some of the many benefits of earning a PMP certification.

Better jobs – as a certified project manager, you receive preference over non certified applicants when you seek employment. Employers understand the importance of your skills and education and you will have an impressive resume.

More money – on average, certified project managers make considerably more money than those without this impressive title. According to a recent survey, you can expect to earn as much as seventeen percent more. This may allow you to live in a better home and drive a better car.

Improve your project management skills – you will study all five project management processes in order to be certified. Your added skills may help you perform better on the job and you may be able to hold a higher position in your company and have the ability to train others in your field.

Job changes – with more opportunities it will be easier to find jobs in other areas. For example, suppose you are thinking of relocating to another city. Perhaps your spouse needs to relocate. With increased job skills and qualifications it will be much easier for you to find a job in just about any city. In fact, you can extend your market reach to encompass the entire world. Your project manager credentials are recognized all over the planet and this can open many doors of opportunity for you

Become more valuable to your company – with your new credentials you are more valuable to your employer, and they will see you as a professional. In the future you might have the chance to advance in the company and the right certification can help you climb the ladder of success.

Stand out from the crowd – not all project managers are certified, and you will be in demand. In fact, you are more likely to be recruited by other companies when you have impressive credentials. You might find a better job without even looking for it.

Cash in on the higher demand for project managers – the future looks very bright for this profession and the more qualifications you possess the better chances you have of getting the best jobs in the coming years. This will not only brighten your future, but make life better for your entire family.