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Your PMP Certification Comes With Many Benefits

If you are a project manager, you may have a good job with benefits like vacation pay, retirement, and health insurance. However, you will enjoy a lot of advantages when you become certified. Here are some of the many benefits of earning a PMP certification.

Better jobs – as a certified project manager, you receive preference over non certified applicants when you seek employment. Employers understand the importance of your skills and education and you will have an impressive resume.

More money – on average, certified project managers make considerably more money than those without this impressive title. According to a recent survey, you can expect to earn as much as seventeen percent more. This may allow you to live in a better home and drive a better car.

Improve your project management skills – you will study all five project management processes in order to be certified. Your added skills may help you perform better on the job and you may be able to hold a higher position in your company and have the ability to train others in your field.

Job changes – with more opportunities it will be easier to find jobs in other areas. For example, suppose you are thinking of relocating to another city. Perhaps your spouse needs to relocate. With increased job skills and qualifications it will be much easier for you to find a job in just about any city. In fact, you can extend your market reach to encompass the entire world. Your project manager credentials are recognized all over the planet and this can open many doors of opportunity for you

Become more valuable to your company – with your new credentials you are more valuable to your employer, and they will see you as a professional. In the future you might have the chance to advance in the company and the right certification can help you climb the ladder of success.

Stand out from the crowd – not all project managers are certified, and you will be in demand. In fact, you are more likely to be recruited by other companies when you have impressive credentials. You might find a better job without even looking for it.

Cash in on the higher demand for project managers – the future looks very bright for this profession and the more qualifications you possess the better chances you have of getting the best jobs in the coming years. This will not only brighten your future, but make life better for your entire family.