Customer Relationship Management Apps for Businesses

Gone are the days when businesses would work with only a few customers, some suppliers and have a handful of orders, which even big companies managed with the help of locally made software. With advancements in the market and business opportunities, businesses in Singapore realized the need to have a proper Customer Relationship Management system in place. Allowing relationships to be built, enabling them to work with multiple clients, suppliers and orders at the same time. Thereby having more time to focus towards maximizing profits.

Since the concept is relatively new, not all companies in Singapore are aware of which  to choose as there are many varieties of Customer Relationship Management apps. However, the key is to focus on the business model and target audience. In this article, I will give some insights on the available customer relationship management tools to help you or your company choose the one that suits your business best.

  1. Highrise: If you want to have one book containing all details of your contacts as well as your conversation records with them, then Highrise is the answer to this requirement. With Highrise, one is able to keep all updates about added contacts, and through one email system all contacts can be reached at once.
  2. Insightly: the design and integration of this app is similar to Google maps, however it allows better contact centric approach. With Insightly, one can locate friends/contacts better on social media networks and other professional accounts. It also helps in generation of advanced reports, task management etc.
  3. Google App: Google App is one which is already a part of your system. For many, Google is an address book which is the record of all contacts stored in one’s profile. But in fact, Google is more than just an address book. Whenever a contact is added, it automatically becomes a part of main page. Even with a Tap option, recent conversation and updates with the contacts can also be viewed.
  4. Clevertim: The app helps you to just scroll down each contact without having to go through profile of each. It gives a summary of all the contact stored and in one click. For keeping record and updates on next meeting and any schedule event, then Clevertim also has a solution and an option to make it possible.
  5. Vtiget: If you are planning to open an event management business in Singapore which is focussed towards keeping contact with clients or having strong networking, then you may need to have Vtiger app for managing customers. It helps in making better contacts and interaction with regular customers by in staying touch with them. It is like a client centred customer relationship management app.
  6. One-page Customer Relationship Management solution: If you are new to technology, but still want to make your CRM process easier, then go for the one page CRM solution. You can give time to newly established business in Singapore while managing clients, suppliers and vendors. It is literally one page, which has all the key details. Thus, you need not to scroll here and there and look for other pages, all the relevant and required information is present in the first page.
  7. Solve: As the name indicates, this app is best to resolve issues pertaining to consumer queries, activities, customization and even in templates. It is also integrated with Google, then you can view all your contacts under your email accounts as well. Even one is able to generate personalized document by merging all the emails.

There are several other customer relationship management tools available in the market especially for Singapore market. However, it all depends upon the business objectives and requirements of the company as which software and system is most useful and suitable for the business.

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