Top Components for Good Integrity Security Systems

Even a few years ago, a majority of security systems functioned in isolation and communication took place only through their dedicated signaling protocol and cabling. But today, there has been a fast-accelerated and drastic shift towards the integrated security systems. This has not only led to a simplification of installation but has also succeeded in providing big benefits to the customers like an increased level of security, and as a whole deeper insights into different types of threats. However, have you ever wondered why integrated security systems are so successful and popular? It is due to the various components that an integrated security system features. Get familiar with some key components of integrated security systems that make them click.

Centralized control software

Integrated security systems must have centralized control software for tying all their components together. The idea is to allow your customers view as well as manage the various aspects of the security system during only a single interface. When the customers opt for both access control and video surveillance, such a centralized software offers a higher degree of visibility and control. Some examples would be the ability to see entry and exit logs, view recorded and live video through only one interface. Additionally, they can leverage on certain advanced attributes like Video Analytics to attain an even more stringent security so that response to the incidents could be even more effective.

access control system benefits and features

This component is also crucial in a majority of facilities. Each subsystem in an integrated system, and helps the other subsystem to function in a more effective manner to increase the level of security as a whole. For example, both video surveillance and access control may be used together for recording video of the entire suspicious or of failed access attempts.

Based upon a particular project’s nature, you can request for controller technology and wired or wireless door readers. Access control for several customers can also mean devices like visitor management platforms and intruder alarms.

Video surveillance

Any integrated system should give a high priority of surveillance. A core feature of any integrated solution is the IP cameras for most customers today in conjunction with devices like intruder alarms and access control that complement to the capability of video surveillance

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